Exhibiting at the “Mashiko Web Pottery Fair Autumn 2020”

Kashimura’s works will be on sale at the “Mashiko Web Pottery Fair Autumn 2020” which will be held online from October 31 (Sat).

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■Mashiko Web Pottery Fair Autumn 2020
Dates: Saturday, October 31 (9:00am)- Tuesday, November 10 (11:59pm), 2020
Official site:https://toukiichi.mashiko.online/

“Mashiko Pottery Market” in Mashiko Town, Tochigi Prefecture, which attracts a large number of visitors every year, was unavoidably cancelled this year due to the spread of the new corona virus.

However, in response to the cheers of many fans, the first online event “Mashiko Web Pottery Fair Spring 2020” was held at the end of April. Although the opportunity to touch the real pottery and direct communication between the creator and the purchaser was lost, the event was held online so that anyone could easily participate. The access was flooded from all over the country including distant fans. The event was more exciting than expected.
As a result, the event was well-received, with many exhibitors saying that it attracted new customers and increased their recognition.

Now, the second edition of the Mashiko Web Pottery Fair will be held in the fall of 2020. A lot of attention has already been drawn to this big event where about 150 groups of artists, kilns, and dealers bring together unique pieces.

Kashimura will be selling her own works at the “Village Mashiyama” area. Please check out her soft and lovely works that will make you feel at home just by placing them near you!