Kyoko Kashimura

Living in Shirosato town, Ibaraki Prefecture. Exhibited at Japan Expo Paris in 2019. Kyoko Kashimura has held solo exhibitions and special exhibitions and joined the pottery markets mainly in Kasama city and Mashiko town.

When she was a university student, she traveled to Asia. Through this experience, she found out the joy of creating life and it was a turning point for her to pursue a career in pottery. After graduating from university, she worked as an apprentice at the pottery studios in Kasama city and Mashiko town where are major pottery production areas in the Kanto region.
In 1990, she and her husband built a handmade house and built a kiln. While making potteries, she has been keeping sheep, spinning yarn, knitting a sweater, growing vegetables…she has realized a life that truly creates a life. She said “I think these experiences have become the foundation of my current life.”
She has been consistently making usable potteries. Recently she has been using colored engobes mainly for painting. And by mixing various engobes, she creates a wider range of colors than existing pigments.

It makes her happy that if people who purchase her pottery feel relaxed when they see it and enjoy using it in their daily lives. And it is the driving force behind her creation.